Welcome to a Kosher Authority that meet the needs of Customers, BEYOND THEIR EXPECTATIONS.

Thinking about our duty to educate, defend and promote the kosher diet and in response to its great boom, our UK-based company EAHWORLD LTD, which also operates from Trieste, decided to study Kosher certification options for European markets and from the Middle East, among others.

Based on our deep respect and experience in the subject, as a work team that has Rabbis of profuse knowledge, highly qualified, specialized and recognized for their trajectory, we embarked on this path that today allows us to maintain an excellent relationship of trust with our customers and also be considered a global benchmark for kosher standards and integrity.

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Honor the precepts of the Kosher Food Review System, according to Jewish ritual, to spread, educate and certify kosher and to help factories to be open and ready to this kind of market.


Consolidate as leaders and reference point in the Kosher certification award, to fulfill our commitment to excellence and provide satisfaction to our customers.


• Confidence in ourselves, in our customers and suppliers and, above all, in our laws and principles.

• The Commitment to comply always with our clients and with ourselves, under strict respect for our beliefs and laws.

• Honesty that deprives all our actions.

• The quality of our service, oriented to the satisfaction of the needs of our customers.

• Respect for our laws and precepts as well as neighbor.

• Integrity immersed in all our acts.


Kosher is the Yiddish’s pronunciation of Kasher and it refers to everything that complies with the kashrut’s precepts which means correct in Hebrew. In other words, Kosher refers to that which is correct and proper to be consumed. In modern days, the Kosher Certification is a quality seal that certifies a product as proper for consumption according to the Kashrut. Naturally, not everything fits the criteria so before applying food producers should consider the requisites necessary for the Kosher Certification

Global Consumption

Global consumption of Kosher Certified products exceeds $ 160 billion, according to data from the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation. We talk about approximately a market of more than 135 million people worldwide willing to buy Kosher products. Who consume food with Kosher Certification


Food producing companies that are made with a quality seal like Kosher, ensure a good income of money. The reason? In the world, there are millions of people who only buy Kosher certified food!

Who consume food with Kosher Certification

A Kosher certification assures food consumers that it follows strict food and production standards. Mainly, they are based on Jewish religious convictions, but Kosher foods can be very useful for people who follow strict vegetarian diets or for health problems.

How to obtain a Kosher Certification

• Application
• Coordination
• Wait for the First Visit
• Sign Contract
• Certification

What are Kosher foods:

Kosher-certified foods are classified into three large groups: Meat, Dairy Products, and Pareve.
• Meat: Everything that has meat in its process of production, except rabbits and pigs.

• Dairy Products: This includes milk and its derivates. Food that has milk in its preparation.

• Pareve: Eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables, cereals, unprocessed juices, pastries, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and various sweets.

Which foods are NOT Kosher

When you review the Bible, you can easily find basic food categories that are not Kosher. It is here when food producers must be alert. For example, shellfish, insects, rodents, wild animals, wild and some corral birds, and some fishes (like catfish and sturgeon), and their derivatives are NOT Kosher.

Your products deserve the Kosher seal

As a food producer, you require providing your customers with high-quality products. Get a Kosher certification! Our team will be happy to help you achieve the benefits that this certification can offer you.


What we offer

To be the best ally of our clients, to help them achieve a very valuable competitive advantage worldwide: The Kosher Certification.

We are aware of the commitment that this implies, because for a food product to have a Kosher certificate, all its ingredients, including the enzymes used in the industrial process, must have it. Therefore, our commitment is to ensure total transparency, so that all required quality standards are respected, ensuring that due process is met.

Support for our clients in the creation of networks with companies of different sectors of the food industry, since we can share with them our network of suppliers of different raw materials, with high quality standards in both products and services. In this way, our ties are strengthened and we grow together.

The guarantee of excellent service and speed in the delivery of certificates.

Continuous support and advice, to answer questions or help with any eventuality, through our daily contact.

The adequate administration of the information, since each client is treated exclusively in our organization, so that the discretion and protection of his/her particular information is guaranteed.

why prefer us?

  1. Because for SASSONK, customer satisfaction is a true commitment. We work as a team with them, based on trust and joint development.
  2. Because we are a sign of quality: Kosher certification confirms that a company produces with the appropriate quality parameters required by its consumers. This is because an external agency inspects and guarantees the process of manufacturing its products.
  3. Because with SASSONK, the investment to obtain the Kosher Certification is minimal, compared to the benefits obtained.
  4. Because we provide our customers with a powerful marketing tool, with which they can reach different markets around the world.
  5. Because a large potential consumer market believes that eating kosher is healthier and more nutritious and expects companies to meet their requirements, therefore, our customers must be prepared to have responsiveness and in that, we are their best allies.

How to obtain Kosher Certification?

To obtain the Kosher Certification, food producers musat establish contact with SASSONK, through any of our means. There we will guide and accompany to all producers throughout the process. Producers will see that their expectations will be satisfied beyond what they expect.