About Us

Meir Sasson

Meir Sasson is an Italian-born specialist of Food Quality. He lived in France and China, working in Food Quality Control and Negotiation areas, achieving about 12 years of experience. Later, in 2017, Sasson went back to Italy and he did incorporate to EAHWORLD LTD (a UK-based company) operating in Trieste since 2018. There, Sasson works bringing the necessary support for food operators and providing them of the necessary tools to export more easily to new markets and making shorter the cultural gap.

Rabi Maman

Rabi Maman is from Haifa, Israel, where he’s cooperating with the Head Rabi of Haifa and the Rabanut Harashit (the National Israel Jewish Authority). Maman is Rabi in Vardia, an area with a big school of students in the religiouse field with social engagement. In this way, his compromise is always work to preserve the Jewish tradition, specially, the Kosher as an institution.